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Jack and Jill is designed to move your student from the Phonetic Stage into the Skill Development stage. This level capitalizes on the skill of phonemic awareness and builds the emerging reader’s skill of fluency using nursery rhymes. Rhymes give a student an enormous amount of wordplay and aid a student in distinguishing sounds that are similar but not exactly the same. They expand a student’s vocabulary as their reading confidence builds.


This level:

  • Uses a nursery rhyme theme to introduce words in an engaging yet meaningful format
  • Nursery rhymes introduce words and ideas that students might not otherwise hear and help students distinguish sounds that are similar, but not exactly the same. Easy to say and easy to learn, nursery rhymes add an indispensable auditory component during the Phonetic and Skill Development Stages of spelling

Spelling You See Jack and Jill Student Workbook Part 2

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