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The "SpellingYouSee" program from Demme Learning is a unique, research-based homeschool spelling curriculum with five levels that follow the developmental stages of language development. Developed by Dr. Karen Holinga, this program allows students to develop spelling skills naturally and at their own pace with the direction and encouragement of the instructor. Relying upon visual memory that's built through repeated reading and repeated writing, students will learn spelling through short daily activities that integrate copywork, reading, speaking, and listening, rather than relying on rote memorization for weekly tests. Spelling You See Level Jack and Jill is designed to move your student from the Phonetic Stage into the third developmental stage - Skill Development (see the More Information [PDF] for an explanation of each stage). Following stages, not grade level, this level is for developing readers who print easily with lowercase letters and who knows most letter sounds, including long and short vowels. Jack and Jill will provide practice in writing individual letters and in hearing the sounds they make in simple words. It will also provide opportunities for students to study words in the context of nursery rhymes by marking letter patterns, copying words and passages, and writing from dictation. This course relies upon teacher instruction and the (sold-separately) Jack and Jill Student Workbook Set cannot be completed without this instructor's handbook. It features the philosophy and overview for the program, frequently asked questions, as well as short instructions for each lesson and a "Guide to Chunking." 72 pages with glossary, softcover. 9.25" x 8".

Spelling You See B Instructor's Handbook

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