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Spelling You See Level E: American Spirit Student Workbook Part 1


American Spirit continues to guide students through the Skill Development Stage. Students will read about various people and events from American history, with a gradually increasing reading level. At the same time, the emphasis on the mastery of everyday words continues, building a strong foundation for the next stage of spelling.

This level:

  • Features nonfiction stories about people and events from American history
  • Involves the three core activities for Spelling You See:
    • chunking – provides hands-on experience with English’s many irregular letter patterns
    • copywork – requires the brain to pay attention to details in print
    • dictation – gives the student the opportunity to recall the proper letter patterns from memory
  • Gradually increases in reading level, providing opportunities for vocabulary development and allowing students to learn how to spell words in an interesting context

Spelling You See American Spirit Student Workbook Part1

  • This book is used and the first and the first 7 lessons are written in - the rest of the book is blank.

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