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Who Can Use It

Author Ray Notgrass designed the curriculum for students to use successfully anytime in high school--9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, or 12th grade.

Daily lessons guide your student through core topics of economics with practical examples from history and recent events. With the lessons already planned, your student can use the curriculum independently.

What's Included

The Exploring Economics Curriculum Package includes everything you need for a successful study. If you use the course as written, your student can earn credit in two high school subjects: Economics and English. However, the course is flexible, so you can adjust the assignments as needed to fit your student's schedule and needs.

  • The main book features engaging lessons with dozens of colorful photographs and historic illustrations.
  • The collection of primary source documents offers perspectives on economics from the past and present.
  • Weekly project ideas include a writing assignment and two other creative assignments such as completing an art project, making a video, or conducting an interview.

We suggest four books that enhance your student's understanding of economics. We also offer optional review activities and tests.

Watch our intro video and keep reading to learn how the curriculum works, see sample lessons, and read what parents are saying.

Exploring Economics Curriculum Package

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